Welcome to Capable Spaces. At Capable Spaces, our goal is to help you to be as capable in everyday areas of your life, the spaces that are important to you. As Occupational Therapists, we come along and look at you, the person, your individual goals, what your needs are. And then we try to match it to your environment, looking at your home, the equipment that you have, how you get to work, how you get around your community and help you to be able to participate in meaningful activity. As Occupational Therapists, we talk about this word occupation, but basically, it just means everyday things that are important to you. We come alongside and we give strategies and suggestions to help you to be able to do those things as safely and independently as possible.

What we do at Capable Spaces is focus on you, the person. We want to be client-centered. We want to help come alongside, support you in doing the everyday activities that are meaningful to you. We want to be guided by you, and help support you as well as your support network, your carers, the people that matter most to you. We’re here for you as a whole being, your mind, body, spirit. We want to come alongside, support you, help you to be as safe and independent as possible.

If you’ve got questions on how we can help you, as an occupational therapy team, feel free to get in touch with us. You can go to capablespaces.com.au or you can call our office and we’ll talk you through strategies and things that we could do that helps you in your situation. Whether it’s a cushion or a wheelchair or home modifications, or rails, or ramps, or education, or different strategies and ways to do things. We’ve got an experienced team of clinicians who’ve been there before or worked with people with similar kinds of situations. So feel free to get in touch. We’ll let you know how we can help support you. And we’d love to meet you. Just get in touch with us, go to our referral page, capablespaces.com.au, or call our office. The details are all on the website. We’d love to talk to you soon.

Creating capable spaces for full, active lives.

Our Consultation Service is offered to support local therapists so that they can work in their genius zone, while we can support you with the areas we’re passionate about. Whether it’s major home modifications and the drawings, wheelchairs and complex seating, or home automation and technology access, we can work collaboratively with your therapists, and provide the right support at the right time.

Clinical Supervision (face to face, phone, zoom)

Consultation Service: major home modifications, home automation, technology access, wheelchair prescription

Online training packages

Face to face small group training

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