Our team is passionate about providing high quality clinical supervision and training, equipping occupational therapists, clients and their support teams with practical skills to support adults living in the community. We provide online and face-to-face training options, as well as group education sessions, with a focus on Equipment/ Assistive technology, and home modifications.

Creating capable spaces for full, active lives.

Our Consultation Service is offered to support local therapists so that they can work in their genius zone, while we can support you with the areas we’re passionate about. Whether it’s major home modifications and the drawings, wheelchairs and complex seating, or home automation and technology access, we can work collaboratively with your therapists, and provide the right support at the right time.

Clinical Supervision (face to face, phone, zoom)

Consultation Service: major home modifications, home automation, technology access, wheelchair prescription

Online training packages

Face to face small group training